Online Chinese Language Course
Online Chinese Language Course
Chinese language classes for kids and adults, taught by certified native Chinese speaking teachers from mainland China.
Teaching Clips
Our teaching approach emphasizes interactive and engaging learning experiences that help students develop their communication skills in real-life contexts. Our team is dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, where students feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions. Through our personalized approach to instruction, we strive to help every student achieve their Chinese language learning goals.
Courses for Adults
Whether it's for study, work, travel, or daily life, we can meet your needs.
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"Aye Education laid a strong foundation for my Chinese skills before I came to study in China, allowing me to adapt quickly and excel in my studies. I am now on track to obtain my master's degree soon."
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"Aye Education's tailored teaching plan met my needs, resulting in increased trust and support from my Chinese business partners and exceeding my career expectations."
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"I love Chinese culture. It's so vast and profound. I plan to travel all over China, and with the help of Aye Education's course, I'll be able to appreciate the rich cultural heritage even better. This is fantastic!"
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"My children have inexplicably fallen in love with Chinese, and now our whole family is learning and speaking Chinese together. Thanks to Aye Education, we're having lots of fun!"
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Courses for Kids
"Fun and easy" is a dynamic course designed to make learning Chinese easy and enjoyable.
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"My good friends and I are learning Chinese, and it's so much fun. I love Chinese stories, and Mulan is my idol. She is super brave and a great role model. She showed that girls can be just as strong and smart as boys."

Francesca — 8

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"I'm interested in Chinese, but my school's class is taught by a non-native speaker once a week. Aye Education's native-speaking teachers meet my needs perfectly. I plan to keep learning and visit China when possible."

Joshua — 16

United States
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"I am obsessed with Chinese characters, they are so interesting! The pronunciation of Chinese is also very unique, which is a bit challenging for me, but my teacher from Aye Education often encourages me, and I really like her!"

Brigitte — 13

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"I was born in the US to a Chinese father who was too busy to teach me Chinese. But, I've been able to learn it easily at Aye Education and can now communicate freely with my grandparents and cousins in China!"

Natalie — 12

United States
Quality Control
We place great emphasis on the quality of teaching.

Teacher Qualification

All of our teachers are local to China, native Chinese speakers, and hold teaching certifications.

quality control
quality control

Teacher Recruitment

We strictly control the recruitment of teachers. After multiple rounds of assessments and interviews, we select teachers with excellent abilities.

Pre-job Training

We implement unified pre-job training to ensure consistent and unified teaching levels among our teachers. During this period, if any teacher is found to be incompetent, they will still be eliminated.

quality control
quality control

Directors of Teaching Inspect Teaching.

Our teaching directors regularly watch recorded teaching sessions and occasionally directly observe ongoing classes to inspect the teaching of all teachers. If any problems are found, we will address and correct them in accordance with regulations.

Regular Teaching Research and Training

Our teaching team conducts regular teaching research to distill excellent teaching experiences, find better teaching methods and skills. We also invite domestic and foreign education experts and professors to train our teaching team irregularly, constantly improving the overall quality and teaching level of our teacher team.

quality control
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